Rustic Furniture

THE RUSTIC HOMESTEAD - Rustic Accessories

Fly Fisherman-oil lamp
16'' high

Free standing oil lamp with glass globe,pine tree, IN STOCK,for order Two weeks.
Flyfisherman-candle lamp
15'' high

Free standing Candle lamp with Pine tree, IN STOCK, For order two weeks.
Flyfisherman wall hook
17'' high

Four in stock-with mounting screws provided, for order two weeks.
Meyda- med- Table lamp
14'' tall-Shade 8''w x 6'' high

Bronze base with lead glass shade,One IN STOCK,for order two weeks.
Small Meyda table lamp
10-11'' tall

Very cute table lamp perfect for the den,one IN STOCK, for order two weeks.
Ceramic Loon

Hand painted
Rustic Ceramic Pack Basket

Ceramic Bottle Opener

Brook and rainbow Trout

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